Green Zone Compliance


Varitec Systems is actively remaining up-to-date with current security compliance and standards on the state and local level, including the very dynamic Green Zone Compliance. Through involvement with the Sacramento Police Department, our affiliation gives us insight into the green industry, allowing us to regularly update our security service. The industry is highly regulated, and with the high risk for burglaries, it is essential that you have a security plan that is both compliant and fits your businesses needs. At Varitec Systems, with our 80+ years of combined experience, we offer an extensive range of code-compliant security services.

We are CPTED certified, and actively engage CPTED techniques into our security approach. CPTED stands for Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design. We assist commercial business owners with both active and passive security. Active security includes intrusion alarms systems, surveillance camera, access control, and more. Passive security includes DEA security bollards, latch covers, door hardware, peep holes, k-barriers, caging, and more.

Any industry with high revenues is an ideal target for theft. Finding a security company that can meet your security needs, while following compliance is essential. We provide consultations with 80+ years combined expertise in the security industry. With the dynamic industry, California laws require all green businesses to have installed a complete surveillance system that monitors and records continuously. With a customized plan from Varitec Systems, you can view your crops, operations, merchandise, and employees from anywhere.

Whether you are a dispensary, distributor, bakery, laboratory, manufacturer, or grow facility, we can assist you in meeting compliance requirements. From seed, cultivation to sale, we are here to help.